Friday, October 31, 2008


So I'm sitting here typing this while Beckett's napping. Poor guy threw up this morning at Mama Abby's office. Thank God the ladies that work there are so good to him! I brought him home and we watched Lightning McQueen and has some ginger ale and applesauce and he's been sleeping for a couple hours now. Hopefully he'll feel better later to go out a little bit and trick or treat. He's been so excited to be "the black spiderman" I'd hate for him to miss it completely.

An update on our baby situation for any who are interested... Abby's fibroid is in a pretty good location - outside the uterus and on the top I think. So no worries about it being in the way to concieve. We're once again living in 2-week cycles, so I'll post something again in a couple weeks when we know more.

Our conversations have been focused around toys and Santa Claus lately. Our latest project is trying to explain Santa to Beckett... We've been circling pictures in the toy catalogs and will try to get a letter out at some point. Any suggestions on how to make this work is greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catching up

We had a busy weekend but got all the projects we needed to completed. Abby and I put up door trim on Saturday, Dear came down and helped with the baseboards (I was scared of inside and outside corners!) and Mom helped watch Beckett. We also finished the floor transitions and the house just looks amazing! Its nice not to feel like we're living in a construction zone! Our friend Gavyn finished our shower so now all that's left is to paint it, and I think in the interest of time it will end up the same lime green color it is now - major changes will have to wait for this quarter to finish! On that note I finished my 3 papers and got them sent off to my professor! Yeah me! Now just some (5 chapters) bullet points, a few NYT articles and another book (with 2 more papers) and hopefully I'll be caught up by Monday! W0w - to see it like that it doesn't feel like I'm making the progress I feel like I am!

Abby and I are heading to another doctor appointment this evening to get her fibroid checked out. They're doing a procedure to see if its inside or outside her uterine lining to make sure thats not whats causing her to not get pregnant. I guess if the fertilized egg were to attach to the fibroid it wouldn't thrive, therefore she couldn't get pregnant... Hopefully its something simple, otherwise I'm afraid it would be my turn to get pregnant and I'm not sure I'm up for that on top of everything else I've got going on!

So anyway - thats alot of information but I thought I'd catch everybody up on our lives as of late... Got next quarter all figured out and might even study abroad next year! Don't know how all of it will work out yet, but it always seems to so we'll just wait and see!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A nice relaxing weekend?

I just got back from dropping Beckett of with Grandma - he's hanging out with them this weekend so Abby and I can get some stuff around the house finished. So here's our list - we're finally getting the trim done that we took off when we painted and redid the floors, we have to finish the transitions from the hardwood to vinyl in the kitchen and entry and recut the floor, and our friend is coming over to finish drywall in the master bath then I get to paint it. Oh and also I have about a half a book to read, 3 papers to write, and 5 chapters to do bullet points on! How do you think we'll do??? Here's to another pot of coffee!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Dust

Babies, babies everywhere. It seems that when you're not looking, suddenly everyone is having babies. Everyone except us that is. We were back at the dr again on Saturday morning. For another ultrasound. He checks for cysts before he'll give clomid. So, no cysts and back to clomid I go. However, he didn't like the looks of my fibroid. He wanted to know if it was inside or outside the endometrial lining. Basically, from the way I understand it - if it's inside the lining and the fertilized egg attempts to attach there, it just won't happen. So, it's back to the dr again on Wednesday. This time for a sonohistiogram. Something about a balloon catheter and checking the shape & size of my uterus. This will be attempt #3. I know there's so many women out there that have a lot more attempts than we've had, but it still doesn't make the waiting and the time any easier. The picture below is of our friends Casey and Nathan's baby girl, Lauren. Beckett got to meet her and hold her on the day she was born (9/1/08) and the look on his face was so wonderful. He absolutely loves that little baby girl. However, he's quite sensitive and when she starts to cry, he gets pretty upset about things. This process is hard for me too, because I had honestly thought that perhaps Beckett would be an only child. I know that everyone says you can't explain it, but you just love #2 just as much as #1. I sure hope so, because my Beckett is the absolute light in my eyes. He is my favorite person in the world and I can't imagine my life without him. I don't even remember life before him.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I forgot...

The best part of my story from yesterday and the reason I titled it what I did... We were sitting at dinner the other night and Beckett was refusing to eat our fettucini alfredo (he wanted noodles with red sauce, not white...) and I said that I wasn't ready for a three year old yet. He looked right at me and said "Mama, I'm not three - I'm two!!!" and proceeded to get up from the table. We convinced him to sit back down and at least eat the "chicken" out of his bowl (it was really scallops and he loved them) and got him saying "I'll be three in January." It was really very cute in the end... Apparently even a 2-year old knows the trouble with 3-year olds and refuses to be one before their time!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"I'm not three!"

So I'm into my third week of school at Evergreen. Its ALOT of work - reading and writing - but I really do learn something every day in class. Evergreen's set up a bit different and they have what they call programs, not classes. The program I'm in is supposed to go all year, but I think I'm going to transfer into something else next quarter. Something more into math and teaching... I found one that I like that is actually a night class twice a week so we'll see how that works out.

Anyway - onto other news, Beckett has turned all into a 3-year old. Yes, I know we have a couple months yet, but his little attitude sure isn't waiting! Everthing we do now is "I do it myself" or "Beckett do it!" From filling the bathtub with water or getting food out of the fridge... Its alot to deal with on a daily basis! He's been in daycare since the first part of September and every morning is still a struggle to leave him. He screams and has learned "mama I need you" which breaks my heart every time I hear it. He has a great time in class and hates it when we have to leave but starting our day that way every day is a little wearing... Even now as I sit here on the couch getting ready for bed time, all I hear is whining and "no" and "I want..." Oh well, this too shall pass, right???

Everything else is going well I think. Abby is suffering through a cold that the rest of us had last week. God love daycare! The animals are good - Tag started Prozac which I think is a little funny since I've been on it for a few months now. Maybe we should try it for Beckett??? It really is quite the happy pill!

Anyway - I think thats it for now... Hopefully we'll update more sooner rather than later... TTFN.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A rainy Saturday

Not much happening today. Beckett woke up with a slight fever and we've laid pretty low. Had Eagan's for lunch and now we're at home. Katie's doing homework and I'm trying not to be too bored. We were supposed to go to Wild Waves tonight, but between the fever and the rain - I don't think that would earn me any mother of the year awards. So, it's home for us. I don't know what it is about rainy Saturdays, they can be fantastic or they can make me go a bit stir crazy. Arts Walk was wet last night. Beckett and I went while Katie stayed home and (guess what?) did homework. We had a couple of friends displaying their artwork. We bought a Christmas gift for Grandma. I think she'll love it! Shhh... I can't say what it is in case she reads this... Well, off to figure out the evening.