Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pride Protesters

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I was searching through Flickr for photos tagged with SeattlePride and came across a couple of these. My family didn't attend the parade last year. Look at what happens when we come off the hill. We start to march in the middle of downtown Seattle and suddenly people think it's OK to protest. I don't ever recall this happening on Cap HIll. Were they afraid of the hill?

growing up so fast...

Almost standing!
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some days I can't believe how quickly time flies. This photo was taken on Beckett's birthday in January. Less than 6-months ago. It's hard for me to fathom how fast he's grown and how much. Our sweet little baby is quickly turning into a little man.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Moving sucks! But I'm trying, really I am. So - goodbye computer - hello boxes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Olympia Pride 2007

We decided that this year we wouldn't deal with Seattle Pride. Too much traffic, too many people and then that rare occasion when we run into people that we may not particularly ever want to see again anyway. So, Olympia Pride was our thing this year. My work didn't have a booth this year so we just got to enjoy it. A woman named Janice Langbehn spoke about her partner. Janice and her children had so much courage. Her partner died of a massive aneurysm exactly 4-months prior to her speaking at Pride. I can't imagine the hurt and pain she must be feeling. Her story hammers home that domestic partnerships, civil unions, marriages - whatever you want to call it - are way more than filing taxes jointly or marking that 'married' box on legal documents. Please check out her story or online at the Olympian.com

My thoughts and prayers are with the Langbehn-Pond family. This story serves to remind me that I need to get my life insurance and wills in place. When a very healthy, vibrant mother dies on her way to enjoy a vacation with her family, it shows that it can happen to anyone.


Blogging is something that I can't seem to get my arms around. I read people's blogs and they are often so good at it, I feel inadequate. So, here I am - trying again. We'll see how it goes this time. To update everyone on the last 9 months of our lives. We have now lived in Olympia for a year and we finally decided to buy a house. We searched and searched, thank goodness our real estate agent had the patience of Job. We put an offer in on a gorgeous house in Chehalis and it just didn't feel right. As the fates would have it, it didn't pass inspection, so we continued to look and we lowered our wants list quite a bit. We decided square footage wasn't as important as being somewhere that our family is comfortable and respected. So, we finally found a house in West Olympia. Not far from where we're living now. It's a great neighborhood and a great house. I can see us raising Beckett there for some time to come. In other news, Beckett turned 1. He walks now. Katie is 3 quarters away from graduating from South Puget Sound Community College and she'll be applying to The Everegreen State College for Spring 2008. It seems so far way, but the way this last year has flown by, I know it'll be here before we know it. As for me, I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I'm considering accounting (something I can do from home), teaching or just going to Evergreen and taking programs that interest me. They do have a Masters in Public Administration that is very interesting to me. However, I still am not sure exactly what I'll do with it. But of course, I'm not doing much with the degree I have now. I'm posting a picture of Beckett from the fountain here in Olympia. It was a beautiful day and the sun just lit his face so perfectly.