Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Singing Boy

Beckett has learned to climb on the rock in our backyard. We often spend our evenings in the backyard since the lawnguy has started to come to our house. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the lawn guy. Our lives are now pre-lawnguy and post-lawnguy. And Beckett has come to love the backyard as much as us. He expresses his joy through singing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our week

We went to the zoo on Sunday. The zoo is one of my absolute favorite places to go with my family. It's actually my idea of a perfect day. Beckett loves the animals and I could watch them for a very long time. Sunday was a bit hot and I really do hate the heat. I love the sun, but hate the heat. If it gets much above 75 degrees, I tend to get cranky. Work's been fairly busy this week. I've had a lot going on and done a lot of driving. Then, last night we went to Lakefair here in Oly. In the 2 years we've lived here, we've never gone. But it's awful hard to beat fair food if you ask me. onion burgers, cotton candy, snow cones, roasted corn. HMM!!! Of course, about 4:30 this morning it caught up with Beckett. I woke up to "mama! Mama!" I went into his room and he said, "change diaper". Not a pretty sight. Then he thought he didn't want to go back to bed. His sheets were damp, so I let him come into bed with us. Not something we do very often at all. We don't do co-sleeping. He's slept in his own bed since he was quite young. Trust me, at the beginning I tried even. I thought, hmm.. maybe if he'd sleep here I could get some rest. No such luck. He would never fall asleep. Well, last night - he fell asleep, but then for about 3 hours Katie & I kept getting 2-year old knees & feet kicking us in the ribs and the back. Back to his own bed tonight.