Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My sweet girl has been gone for a week. I've missed her a lot. I'm so glad she gets home tomorrow. I know though that she needed time off and I'm glad we were able to work it out for her. It's been a longish week, but oh so worth it - for both of us. I have developed an entirely new respect for what she does day in and day out. I have fallen more in love with my son in the last week than I think I have in 2-years. Even when I'm with him and she's here it's not the same as it just being the two of us. He's a pretty amazing kid and pretty much the best person I could ever hope to have the privilege to raise. I'm so grateful to whatever higher power brought him into our lives and trusted me with this perfect human being.

As far as Katie is concerned, I miss everything about her. The way she sounds, the way she smells, the way I can reach over at any time and just know that she is there. It's a big lonely house without her in it. She makes our entire house and my entire life worth living well.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

This past weekend, I had the honor of going to the Seeds of Compassion event at Qwest Field and seeing the Dalai Lama speak. It was supposed to be something we did for Katie's birthday, but her trip to Mexico turned out to be the same week. I went with a friend instead and that was fine.

The true pleasure was getting to see him speak. It was very surreal. Kind of like watching any sort of famous person speak. He was a very funny, little man and he looked kind of like a little doll. Only in the fact that he was just someone I would like to hug. he also had a very infectious laugh. I think Barbara Walters said that once. Well, it's true.

My favorite thing he said was that we should give our children affection and that would create good people. And now, as I watch my beautiful son wipe everything down with a kleenex (he's dusting) - I know what he was talking about. Our children need love, peace, joy and affection. They gave us unwoven bracelets in the beginning and at the end told us to weave our intentions into them. I wove my intention to raise a kind, compassionate, caring, respectful little boy and to bring a strong, healthy, happy man into this world that will someday make an impact on the world quite similar to the one he's already made on our lives.