Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beckett's Red Foot

Katie graduated from community college on Friday night. The whole family went out to dinner afterwards and after dinner, Beckett was running to meet Grandma. Well, since he's not so light on his feet, he fell. He started crying and we thought it had been a long night so we took him home and put him to bed. The next morning, he woke up and wouldn't get out of bed. He said that his foot hurt. I tried to get him to stand on it, but he wouldn't. So, luckily his pediatrician has Saturday hours and we had an appointment at 10:30 Saturday morning. We took him in and he needed an X-Ray at the hospital across the street. He wasn't too keen on the X-Ray, it killed me to have to practically hold him down while they took the X-Ray. We had to go back to his dr's office to get the results and as soon as we walked in, the nurse asked what his favorite color was. Which could only mean one thing - he needed a little cast. He said his favorite color was red. So, that's what he got. A little red cast. So tiny. He'll tell you what happened. He can't say the 'k' sound, so it sounds something like this...
"Bettett walk, walk walk. Bettett trash. Owie foot" Basically that's what happened. He'll also tell you "Dr Open. Yellow hands". Yes, the dr had to open the cast packaging and he was wearing gloves.

He's doing very well with it. He started walking around on it and has gotten rather good at scooting around and getting onto and off of the couch and chairs. My sweet boy is very resilient and you may not ever even know he had a broken 5th metacarpal.